Inbound Call Center Services

As the quality of inbound teleservices paints the face of your company, we provide a large variety of inbound call center services, specifically customized to your industry.  We help receive calls, classify caller needs and urgency, and direct calls to the proper department for the most thorough and efficient call resolution possible. Careful inbound call center scripting allows Telsur agents to converse with customers naturally and display a strong knowledge of your products and services. At Telsur call center we offer many different inbound answering services solutions, each one customized to meet the unique needs of the individual client. These advanced services enable us to help companies just like yours build a larger customer or client base, increase revenue, and ensure greater retention and loyalty.



*     Selling of products and services
*     Informing customers about your products, services and special offers
*     Customer care and problem solving Billing
*     Account management
*     Service Quality Management
*     Return product authorizations
*     Order processing, Collections/Call backs
*     Back Office Services and Order management
*     Assurance, Client communication
*     Appointment setting

COD Solutions

When you need to deliver your products to the Hispanic market and a Cash on Delivery solution is requested, let the experts handle it! Telsur Call Center has been working with the U.S Hispanic Market for over 20 years. Not only do we understand the Hispanic culture, but our call center representatives are native Spanish Speakers, this enables them to develop a super client relationship with your customers.  We are experts in providing non-credit card payment alternatives such as CODs; this service ensures your profits will increase by 20 to 30%. Think of all those leads that did not turn into sales, we can take those and convert them into closed deals!
While you sit back and see your numbers grow, we take all the risk! Why are we willing to do this?  Simply put, because we continue to deliver results based on our strategic 20 year COD model.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our COD structure


How it works:
• We take your non-sales and buy the product from you

• We contact  your leads (non-sales) and offer them an alternative payment method (COD)

• We deliver the product and request a COD payment


Yes, that simple!

Customer Service and Care

Customer service is the face of your company – allow our call center customer services team to make an excellent impression on your clients. Our customized training and advanced technology ensures that our customer service agents will deliver an unparalleled caller experience.
As an award-winning industry leader, you can rest assured in the fact that your call center customer service is handled with ultimate care.
Some of the key benefits you will experience by customer service outsourcing of customer care calls, emails and chats include:

• Improving and maintaining brand loyalty
• Qualified call center agents to cross-sell and upsell your products and services
• Lower customer churn & higher profitability
• Promotion of new products or service offerings
• Multichannel customer service outsourcing platforms to assist customers 24/7
• Proactive, compassionate customer service approach


Consider our customer service outsourcing for higher customer retention and conversion rates.

Outbound Calls

Acquire new customers and retain the old with the benefits of outbound call center services, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely customer contact. Telsur call center agents know service and product functions inside out to provide resolutions for initial client calls, and subsequent ones, developing the necessary trust factor to convert leads into sales.
Outbound call centers are perfect for simple day-to-day tasks, including appointment confirmation and responding to basic customer inquiries. Using the services of an outbound call center is a way to demonstrate customer loyalty and cultivate a positive brand image. Customers take comfort in the fact your company is reaching out to resolve their issues. From crisis management and product recall to technical support and customer service, outbound call center services assure problems are quickly and efficiently resolved.

Telsur gives you excellent measurable outbound call center results for today that also build a base for future sales.

• Lead generation and nurtuting campaigns, with a full array of support services
• Appointment setting
• Database building, updates and scrubs
• Inside Sales
• Subscription renewals and aquisitions
• Market research
• Membership renewals and aquistions
• Event registration
• Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer Acquisition and Retention

We know that the equation for your success and ours is unparalleled customer care so that we all retain the customers who are calling.  this means answering quickly and most importantly conveying a positive tone with each interaction, helping where possible, and being good listeners. From answering product specific questions to placing orders or issuing return merchandise authorisations, each interaction point is a place where we can care for your customers and work to retain their loyalty through service . The techniques that our call center agents use are conversational in nature that allows them to focus not just on retaining the customer today, but also educating the caller and developing a trusting relationship with them to ensure long-term customer loyalty and a positive experience with your brand and product or service.  We achieve exceptional customer retention rates by employing highly-trained agents, customized scripted objection handlers and rebuttals, cross-selling, down-selling and frequent quality assurance monitoring and quality management.
Some of the key benefits you will experience by outsourcing your customer acquisition and retention calls include the following:

•    Higher Close Ratios;
•    Lower Cost of Sale;
•    Greater Top-Line Revenue;
•    Higher Customer Retention Rates;
•    Improve Process Efficiencies with Orders;
•    Increase Average Order Size;
•    Improve Scalability During Seasonal Spikes.

Sales and Leads Generation

Telsur help to your business to get more volume and velocity with lead generation and sales process. In this way your business will perform a better rate of lead conversion. Our agents 100% bilingual are trained for bring to your potential customers a qualified service and attention.


Our services includes:


  • Nurturing campaigns
  • Closing ratios improvement
  • Surveys
  • Market research

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